Voodoo Church’s latest release is, “Eminence of Demons” through Strobelight Records.  The album's 15 tracks were, in part or whole, written by Tina Winter, Rob Reimer and Randall Cole, with additional writing from Brian Elizondo and creative input from Rikk Agnew.  Released on November 20, 2009, the writing and recording of this CD took place at various times between 2006 through 2009.  “Eminence of Demons” features: Tina Winter – Vocals, Rob Reimer – Guitar, Randall Cole – Guitar, Bass, Drums and Programming, Rikk Agnew – Additional Guitar, Danny Canzonieri – Additional Bass, Ashes – Additional Bass.

 “Eminence of Demons” marks the return of Bob Reimer to Voodoo Church as an active member in the writing and recording of the album.  This is the first time Bob played such an active roll since the band’s first legendary "EP" release.  When Tina Winter and Randall Cole started work on “Eminence of Demons”, they were now in a position where current technology could allow Bob to be able to work with them even though he lived in a different part of the county.  This collaboration was not only remarkable but the results were amazing.  Once again, Tina had a strong vision and only wanted the best for this album.  This vision brought out the best in each and everyone’s performance.

 Prior to “Eminence of Demons” was the band’s first full-length album, “Unholy Burial” also through Strobelight Records released in November of 2004.  This album’s 12 tracks were recorded and written by Tina Winter and Randall Cole between March and August of 2004, with the exception of two songs which were originally written by Tina and Bob in 1983.  During the writing and recording of “Unholy Burial” Tina and Randall consulted Bob for his input and suggestions, as is evident on his contributions to the song "New Death".  The line-up for “Unholy Burial” features: Tina Winter – Vocals, Randall Cole – Bass/Guitar, Brian Elizondo – Guitar and Tony Havoc – Drums.

 “Unholy Burial” was not only a highly anticipated release, but also a long awaited release for fans of Voodoo Church’s “EP”.  The reviews of “Unholy Burial” were phenomenal and higher than expected.  These results lead to the band’s first European performance at the WGT festival in Leipzig, Germany in May of 2005.  The four-day festival was filled with CD signings for Voodoo Church as well as their debut European performance on May 15th, 2005 at the festival’s main stage in Agre Hall at a prime-time slot, sharing the stage that night with EvaO, Diary of Dreams and The Human League.  When Voodoo Church went on stage, the venue was filled to above maximum capacity at just under 8,000 people.  Because of this, many were not allowed in but had to stand in the doorways to get a glimpse on the band inside.

 Prior to “Unholy Burial”, Tina Winter had spent a couple of years looking to get Voodoo Church back into being an active participant in the music scene.  After some trial and error with a few members she finally found the right team with the “Unholy Burial” line-up.  The re-birth of Voodoo Church comes after a long hiatus.  During this hiatus, many thought the band was done, but for Tina, this was not the case.  Tina always knew that Voodoo Church would return, but in order for her to bring the band back to life, it was essential that she had the right musicians who understood the vision she was trying to express.

 The legendary Voodoo Church “EP” was released in December of 1982 and features four songs ("Eyes - Second Death", "Steeple Walls", "Live With the Dead" and "Rest in Peace") written by Tina Winter and Bob Reimer.  The record album is the band’s first recording that was market worthy, and was self-released.  The birth of Voodoo Church, much like it’s later re-birth, was also filled with trial and error.  Since the beginning, Tina saw the line-up go through many member changes until the “EP” members were in place, who were: Tina Winter – Vocals, Bob Reimer – Hell Guitar, Shadow – Rhythm Guitar, Jeff Porter – Bass and Chris – Drums.  The “EP” was recorded in the September of 1982 at Harlequin Studios in California, and was engineered by Gary “The Crusher” Dulac.  The band photo and album packaging was put together by famed photographer, Ed Colver.  A personal friend of the band, Mike Benoit, designed the inner sleeve artwork, which contains lyrics to the songs.  The 12-inch record was released in “Blood Red” clear vinyl and following the release was a band signing at the famous Vinyl Fetish store in Hollywood, California.  Voodoo Church then played countless shows throughout Southern California before the band’s hiatus at the end of 1983.  During this hiatus, Tina Winter and Bob Reimer had a brief side project in which they wrote and recorded two songs; "Egypt" and "Cry For You" under the name Primal Voices, and was never released.  "Egypt" was later reworked and became the song, "Once Upon...", and is included on their album "Eminence of Demons".